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Dental, vision, and hearing coverage is not provided by Original Medicare. The lack of this coverage has always been one of Medicare’s common criticisms – but there is a solution to this. There is a dental, vision, and hearing plan that makes treatment more accessible and affordable than ever.

How does Medicare handle dental, vision, and hearing?

Original Medicare doesn’t provide any provisions for dental, vision, or hearing coverage. For someone with Original Medicare, he or she would need to obtain separate dental, vision, and hearing insurance.

Medicare Advantage was created as an all-in-one option for those wanting Original Medicare coverage with added benefits. Dental, vision, and hearing treatment coverage is among one of the bonuses that this plan offers.

The downside, however, is that Medicare Advantage confines you to a specific network of healthcare providers. So while you will get dental, vision, and hearing from Medicare Advantage, your coverage is only good for certain specialists. If you choose to see a dental, vision, or hearing practitioner out-of-network, you’re either paying a little extra for your treatment or not getting covered at all. Healthcare providers can also refuse to treat you in non-emergency situations if they do not accept your Medicare Advantage policy.

Is there another option?

There is a way to get dental, vision, and hearing coverage without any of the restrictions or unnecessary costs. This solution is known as the DVH Plan. It combines all three DVH costs for less than $50 per month. And, for this amount each month, you save on routine dental procedures, cleanings, fillings, dentures, hearing devices, glasses, and eye exams without having to get separate insurance plans.

In fact, the DVH plan offered by Aetna does not have any network of dentists that the members of the plan need to see. You have free-roam to choose any dentist you want to see on this plan, making this a great option.

We’re putting the coverage, savings, and freedom back into your hands. So, if you’re interested in this DVH plan and are wondering how to get it, reach out World Financial Solutions today. We have all the answers and information you need to get this coverage.

Are you ready for affordable dental, vision, and hearing coverage?

World Financial Solutions is your gateway into greater savings. We make it so that you do not have to feel that you have to choose between your health and your wallet when you are considering dental, vision, or hearing treatment. If you would like to get started with a low-cost DVH plan, please call us today at 281-639-7787.