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Medicare Under 65

While Medicare is geared toward those 65 and older, it’s not just exclusive to them.

Disabled individuals can get Medicare before turning 65. It doesn’t matter how young the person is, as long as he or she has been receiving disability benefits for 24 months. This can be a major lift for someone with a disability, as a disabled person’s medical needs and costs are more demanding.


Those who have been getting disability benefits for 24 months do not need to sign up for Medicare. These benefits can come from Social Security or the Railroad Retirement Board (RRB). They will be automatically enrolled in Medicare Parts A and B as soon as they reach the 24th month of being on disability.

This automatic enrollment is unique for a few reasons:

  • First, a person doesn’t have to wait until age 65. For instance – a 20-year-old wouldn’t (and shouldn’t) have to wait for 45 years to get Medicare.
  • In other cases, Medicare Part B requires separate enrollment. Eliminating this from the enrollment process also eliminates the hassle of the time required to enroll.
  • Since Medicare Parts A and B are Original Medicare, the benefits go even further. The perks of enrollment also mean the perks of Original Medicare itself. For one, disabled individuals can retain their disability coverage, plus they have the power to enroll in Medicare Supplement Plans if they choose to have further coverage.

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Other choices

While disabled individuals automatically get enrolled in Original Medicare, they’re not restricted to it, either. Disabled people are also able to join Medicare Advantage if they choose. Special Needs Plans can offer tremendous help. This is especially the case with Dual Special Needs Plans, especially if you are disabled and earn below a certain income level. 

If you are under 65 and wondering if you are eligible for Medicare, give us a call at 281-639-7787.