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How Medicare Agents Are Paid


Becoming a Medicare Agent is a long process requiring hard work and dedication. The objective isn’t just to become knowledgeable about Medicare – Medicare Agents are trained to work with people. Informing is one aspect, but a Medicare Agent also addresses questions and concerns to ensure that the client is satisfied.


How agents are paid makes all the difference in performance. Agents aren’t incentivized to sell you specific policies. When you pay your premiums, those premiums go to the insurance company. Then the insurance company takes the premiums and disburses a portion to its agents. This style of compensation encourages Medicare agents to put great effort into their work, providing policies that are the best fit for you.


Medicare Agents are closely monitored, so there’s no need to worry about predatory sales tactics. Agents also have to be competent. They’re tested annually because the landscape of Medicare (as well as insurance in general) is always changing.

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